Inner Circle (5)

SESSION 5: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

BROUGHT: New S&W 642

RENTED: none

RSO: unknown

Cylinder 1

Hornady Criticial Defense Lite (Loose; purchased within last 4 months

Here is the very first cylinder out of my new S&W 642 revolver. I fired shots from 5 yards away barely an hour after having cleared the background check at my local FFL.

Cylider 2

Speer Gold Dot 135 grain (Loose rounds; probably purchased late 2019)

Here are the results of my first two cylinders fired at a distance of five yards out.

Cylder 3

Sportman’s Warehouse cheap LSWC; Grizzly brand perhaps


Cylider 4

Hornady Critical Defense FTX/Standard Pressure (NIB; just purchased)

Cylinder 5

Hornady Critical Defense FTX/Standard Pressure (NIB; just purchased)

Cylinder 6

Hornady Critical Defense FTX/Standard Pressure (NIB; just purchased) I ran 15 of the 25 rounds from the new box of Self-Defense hollow points. If I plan to carry them in my new revolver, I wanted to confirm consistent function. Experienced zero issues.

After the first two cylinders, I increased the distance of the target. I fired all other shots from a distance of either 7 or 10 yards exactly. Here is a sample of the results.

Cylinder 7

Remington UMC 130 grain FMJ/Standard Pressure

Wanted to run a cylinder of standard target/general purpose rounds through the new revolver. As expected, no issues. I expended 5 rounds from the 50 round box purchased today along with the revolver & the Self-Defense Hornady rounds.



See Results from .380 ACP


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