Date: Monday, Jan 27th/ Day 2, 3rd session of 2020

Brought: nothing

Rented: Browning 1911-380 & Glock 42

RSO: unknown

I made the mistake of procrastinating after this range session. As a result, I never wrote down my observations & only remembered to mention this session when I came across the time stamped pictures in my phone. However, I do know that I was in the middle of a tug-of-war trying to decide between the .38 Special & the .380 ACP to power my next CCW. On this day, I rented the Glock 42 & the Browning 1911-380.


I used the most economical FMJ ammo; I know this because the range where I go requires that if you rent one of their firearms that you run their store bought ammunition out of it only for quality control purposes. I remember that I fired all shots at either 7 yards or 10 tens, but nothing in-between. These are my standard self-defense practice distances except in the case of a DAO revolver, in which case I will often start at 5 yards until I can adjust to the heavy trigger pull.



I remember thing that the Glock 42 would be a real keeper but the Browning, although all steel & beautiful, would serve as more of a collector’s piece than a day-to-day defensive tool. After shooting so many striker-fired pistols & DAO revolvers, I just don’t feel comfortable with a 1911 inspired cocked & locked pistol.

My Winner: Glock 42 hands down.

Click Here for results of S&W 642


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