Inner Circle (6)

SESSION 6: Mon, March 16, 2020

CORONAVIRUS STRIKES! I worked my day job just as I ordinarily would, fielding numerous questions as to when we would close over the outbreak. To everyone’s knowledge at this point, we would be full speed ahead business as usual. Just minutes before I would be leaving for my night job, the boss calls me & offers me the day off over an anticipated slow business projection for the night. I accepted & took the opportunity to get some more trigger time with my new revolver.

This was my first cylinder of the day through my new S&W 642 from 5 yards out. The last shot of the group represented the 40th bullet fired through my revolver , lifetime.


Here are the results after my 2nd cylinder. If memory serves, I had backed the target out to 7 yards.

I had owned the S&W 642 for about two weeks now & had run 35 rounds through it the day I bought it, even before I brought it home. Since I had picked up a new box of self defense ammo earlier in the day, I wanted to run the final remaining rounds from my original box. So on this day, I ran fifteen rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 110 gr FTX. I like to shoot what I carry for at least 1-3 cylinder a session to ensure proper function.

Here I used my KelTEC P3AT from 7 yds out. Sadly, the pistol experienced a major malfunction on its sixth & final shot.

I closed out my half hour session with a magazine or two of .380 ACP from my KelTec P3AT from the standard 7 yard mark. I performed reasonably well as I usually do with the KelTec given that I like long, heavy trigger pulls. I don’t like surprises when it comes to my self defense firearms.


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