My Origins Story: Fidelity

Evil-Lyn is the most powerful witch on Eternia. She serves as Skeletor’s lieutenant, assisting him in designing strategy & frequently overseeing missions when her Overlord decides to remain at Snake Mountain. Out of all of Seketor’s vassals, Evil-Lyn is the most likely to question his choices. She is ambitious; realizing the breadth of her power while recognizing that Skeletor’s is greater. Many wonder whether she follows Skeletor out of loyalty or out of necessity. Silently, Evil-Lyn craves to rule Eternia herself.

Evil-Lyn is a scholar in the history of Eternia, and, some say, of other worlds as well. An academic as much as a sorceress, she’s fluent in every known language currently in use on Eternia as well as a few arcane ones. She boasts a wide variety of spells at her disposal, frequently using her powers to levitate nearby objects as well as temporarily disguise her appearance or the appearance of those around her. While not a trained warrior, she is fit & experienced enough to evade a stronger opponent, using her light weight & smaller frame to her advantage. However, her powers diminish significantly when she’s separated from her magic wand & tends to panic in a physical altercation without it, even if she’s winning. Her primary weapon is an energy burst from her wand; which is powerful, but takes a moment to materialize. She can also create small force fields around herself or her companions for limited duration. Without her wand, Evil-Lyn’s best weapon is her power of levitation to draw the weapon back to her, provided its only separated by a short distance.

From the standpoint of personality, Evil-Lyn is bitter & sarcastic. She is arrogant & looks down on the other minions under Skeletor. Evil-Lyn scarcely has a kind word to same to anyone other than Skeletor, although she does seem to take a liking to Clawful. Beyond that, Evil-Lyn is as mysterious as she is powerful. Rumors abound that she & Skeletor were once involved romantically, furthering muddling the ambivalence of her motivation. As a witch, she prefers to operate at night although she’s not limited to doing so. As one of Skeletor’s allies, she’s as difficult to read as a moonless night: hence her nickname, “Mistress of the Night.” Where do her true loyalties lie?

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