I grew up Catholic. My family attended church most Sundays & I did my best to listen. One day I was disheartened by our priest’s disgust in the franchise name. He told a story about speaking to a young boy about the “Master of the Universe.” To the priest’s dismay, the young boy declared that he knew this person to be none other than He-Man. The priest was infuriated that anyone, even a child, would connect anyone other than God to such a title & recommended all parent’s to disown any affiliation to this toy line. I was a young child & had just begun collecting these toys. My mother brought up the priest’s suggestion to rid our house of the offensive toy line. While I wanted to adhere to the message, I explained to my Mom, along with my Dad’s help, that I knew that the “Masters of the Universe” moniker was just a commercial title for a toy; and that my playing with the toys never made me forget God’s place at the apex of every universe–although, perhaps not in these exact words.

I recognize the potentially offensive nature of the franchise moniker. However, just as I studied literature & Greek mythology in college, I know that I can enjoy a tradition based on pre-Christian themes without losing sight of the religion I follow in my every day life. If this weren’t the case, than why would we study opposing religious theories & literature from different eras & different continents in the halls of academia & not take similar offense to this practice. For my purposes, I consider the fantasy world of MOTU as much of a sin as reading the Odyssey is–which is a sin only against the quest for knowledge & the acceptance of imagination. I hope you feel the same way, as my purpose here is not to offend. I have simply stumbled upon an artifact from a brief but happy era of my life that was a simpler time; & I hope to flesh out some of these same ideas with the benefit of my hopefully more mature life experience behind it.

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