Her Stripper Name would be Mirage (1)

Image borrowed for not-for-profit use but for creative effect. Image is property of theDollHouseFitness.com.


The following creative literary piece begins the first series inspired by the popular “Lorraine has Fallen” series that began on August 11, 2020. This chapter & eventual future chapter are in no way autobiographical & the scenarios discussed simply create a backdrop for reflection on general topics like processing grief & remaining motivated through adversity.

chapter 1: almost 20/20

Image borrowed for not-for-profit use but for creative effect. Image is property of FirstEyeCareDFW.com

When my eyes & her majestic form first met, I swear I caught a glimpse of Heaven. Think what you may about male to female attraction, but there was nothing raunchy or unclean about the emerging feelings I experienced that day. We were folding linens at the hospital before end of shift. We worked at a small hospital where everyone who didn’t serve a clinical role had to pull double duty which almost always involved folding linens. I was new & only knew a handful of staffers. I was dutifully focused on the task, knowing there should be another staff member coming in soon to help. Then, from the corner of my right eye, I saw her approach with silently smooth feminine ease. Her lengthy, slender, & slightly sun-kissed body glided towards me. At first, I noticed her mostly from the waist area with her features above & below appearing vague since I was looking down at the table where the linens were. I turned my head to acknowledge her. So stunned by the radiance of her beautiful face, I immediately turned away. She maintained an emotionally neutral facade, neither smiling nor frowning. Without a word, she took her place close beside me & began folding her share of linens. She was aloof! I couldn’t yet decide whether or not it was shyness or arrogance that fueled her demeanor. I had to take another look.

“Hi,” I managed. “This is my first weekend shift. I don’t think I’ve met you before. I’m (name confidential).”

“Oh . . . I’m Lorraine,” she said in a slow, soft melodious tone. The elegance of her voice matched the brilliance of her impossibly beautiful face, flanked with long straight hair that straddled the boundary between light brown & dark blond–my favorite color for girls’ hair!

“Great. Well–Lorraine–thanks for helping,” I responded as normally as I could.

“You’re welcome,” she spoke effortlessly, in a tone mildly cheerful yet not too inviting. It was clear to me; it was bashfulness, not conceit, that fueled her demeanor. Lorraine just wanted to appear proper. She just wanted to remain lady-like. I instantly fell in love.

Ancient Sumerians, resident of a city along the Fertile Crescent often credited as being the birthplace for civilization, worshiped a deity known as the Anunnaki–a word loosely translated to “Those who from the Heavens came.” From that moment on, that’s what Lorraine was to me. She was “The ONE who from the Heavens came.” I had completely fallen under her spell. We all have a type– a set of qualities that we seek out in a potential romantic partner. In practice, I’m happy to see even a fraction of these qualities present. But somehow, Lorraine not only met my every ideal, but re-defined them! She was the visible manifestation of everything I’d ever hoped to find in a girl. It didn’t take me long to conclude that this girl I had been waiting my whole life for. The Fertile Crescent–the birthplace for civilization–and looking back to that night, the spot where I met Lorraine became something of a new birthplace for me. Her introduction into my life sparked an ascension into an era of enhanced feeling. The closest thing I can relate it to is getting glasses as a child.

I didn’t want to look like a four-eyed freak in middle school so I hid my compromised vision for as long as I could until the teachers figured it out & told my parents. I even tried to cheat on the exam; when the optometrist left the room I ran up to the chart in an attempt to memorize the letters in sequence. It almost worked,until he walked in & caught me. I was almost on the 20/20 line.

Like a true warrior, I fought against my need for glasses until the very end. But then, I walked outside & saw a world with clear detail; and I realized what I had been missing that entire time. I saw beauty in almost everything around me; a view rich with minute details. We lived in the country. Our house was surrounded by tall grass that looked almost like wheat. I could see the minute buds at the top of each strand of grass as they swayed back & forth like a sea of crops; a sea made up of individual blades congregating into individual small groups. Not every group of blades would sway in the same direction even. Instead of seeing one vast ocean out there, I could discern a series of small, turbulent seas unifying to compose a single ocean. I was amazed! I felt as though I was seeing the world for the first time. Everything around me suddenly became a masterpiece! And that’s the word that stuck in my head after that night of folding linens with the goddess. Masterpiece. Lorraine was a masterpiece; one that I had waited my entire life to see just as I had spent an entire school year waiting for my resolve to finally break so that I could receive my first set of glasses then finally bear witness to the world around me.

I’ve heard that “Hindsight is 20/20.” I’ve also heard that “Love is blind.” And now that I’m scarred with years of calloused life experience, I can say that both statements are true. Well . . . almost.


Hey there. Are you enjoying what you’ve seen so far in “Her Stripper Name would be Mirage”? Well, why not go back to the chapter that started it all. Clink the highlighted area to link back to The Genesis behind this “brave new world” inspired by the mystery girl Lorraine: And then the Rain came Down.

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